IBU – Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V.

IBU was created out of an initiative of manufacturers of construction products who decided to support the demand for more sustainability in the construction sector.

The focus is on convincing everyone that sustainability is the right choice. IBU´s environmental product labels were created in close cooperation with construction and environmental authorities in Germany and international standardization processes.

IBU is currently the only organization in Germany that certifies consistently based on international standards. In addition to manufacturers, independent experts from research, Germany´s Ministry of Construction, the German Environmental Agency (UBA), and health and environmental experts are involved in audits. The IBU label provides a lot of information, credibility, and acceptance.

Our contribution to sustainable building:

the creation and declaration of environmental product labels for building materials and products to serve as a basis for assessments of the sustainability of buildings.

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Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU)
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10178 Berlin
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Dr. F. Werner
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A-1150 Wien
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IBU - İletişim ofisi
Istiklal Cad. Beyoğlu İş Merkezi No: 187/5
Galatasaray/ Tomtom 34433 İSTANBUL
Tel.: +90 212-243 97 33
E: turkey@bau-umwelt.com 



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